A Pop of Red.

Adding colorful details can really help a plain outfit pop! This black on black ensemble needed a little something extra.  Keep reading for OOTD details.

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True Life: I’m in impulse buyer.

For this reason, I thought doing a segment called Two-ways Tuesdays could be helpful for those who are like me and impulsively purchase items that you seemingly can’t live without – only to wear once or have it sit in your closet for…ever.

Two-ways Tuesdays will highlight one wardrobe item that can be worn two ways. Hopefully this will help you get more use out of your purchases, while still changing up your look.

Today’s featured item- Leather Pants.  Love them? Hate them? Unsure how to wear them?  Keep reading!

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Work Week Chic.

I haven’t been out of Corporate America long enough to forget what it’s like to get dressed for work everyday! Fortunately, every job I’ve held since graduating college never enforced a strict dress code.  I’ve always worked in creative environments where there was no need to be restricted to a suit to complete your job.  Suits aren’t really my style (no disrespect to those who wear them) but for me, because I was commuting an hour and a half each way- it was super important to be comfortable while remaining appropriate.  Dressing up a pair of jeans was my go-to. This outfit reminds me of something I’d wear to the office.

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