Gluten Free Granola Cups.

Calling All Gluten Free Lovers!

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Birthday Celebrations.

I love being festive!  Give me a reason to celebrate and I’ll bring the decorations (and treats). What better reason to celebrate than Giuseppe’s birthday! I had to plan a bit further in advance than normal this year because I wanted to make sure I was prepared.  Before I left for Europe I went to a local craft store to stock up on decorations.  I traveled to Italy with them and then when we found out we were moving to Spain, they were one of the first things I packed. You can’t go wrong with simple decorations, a few balloons and treats!  Did I mention we were in a hotel room?  We had just arrived in Spain a few days earlier and were staying in a hotel while looking for places to live.  The real challenge came when trying to transform our one room hotel room into a party palace! Being that we were at the start of our new adventure in Spain, I tried to incorporate a little bit of Spanish culture in to the celebration by getting a Dulce de Leche cake and a card that reads “Feliz Cumpleanos.”

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