Last Soccer Sunday in Valencia.

I can’t believe we’re all packed and leaving tomorrow! 3 and a half months FLEW by! I have to say, I really enjoyed living in Valencia, Spain.  When I first found out we were moving I was so sad that we were leaving Florence because I felt so at home and comfortable there.  I put on a happy face for Giuseppe’s sake and tried to make the best of the situation and along the way I found genuine happiness here.  

It really helped that despite my challenges of not speaking the language, everyone I encountered was so kind, warm, welcoming and always willing to help.  For the past few days in between packing I’ve been trying to make sure I hit all my favorite places as a final farewell before we leave.  I’ve been compiling a list and will create and share a city guide for Valencia in the near future.

Last Sunday was the final home game of the season.   It was an exciting game that ended with Giuseppe scoring the winning goal to beat the second place team! Below I’m sharing some photos of game day fun over the past three months.  Tomorrow we’ll head back to Firenze for a few days before returning to America. Giuseppe has 6 weeks off per year so we usually use that time to take a vacation. We’re both warm weather, beach and ocean people but with the Zika virus running rampant in the Caribbean we decided to play it safe and head to northern California where neither of us have ever been.  I look forward to sharing my summer adventures with you! 🙂 xo -J



One thought on “Last Soccer Sunday in Valencia.

  1. Happy holidays!!! I look forward to seeing your adventures💕 Have fun in Firenze and in America ❣ this summer I’m gonna work in New York because I have to do internship with parsons Dance have fun!!

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