Taco Tuesday.

Being that we’re away from home, it’s important for us to keep familiar traditions to help us feel at home once and a while.

“Taco Tuesday” was a tradition in both mine and Giuseppe’s households growing so we decided to keep it alive while we’re here and I mean, let’s be honest- who doesn’t love an excuse to eat tacos?!  Full discloser: it doesn’t always happen on a Tuesday and it’s not always tacos- burritos and fajitas are allowed (we don’t discriminate) but those are just minor details.  My mom actually sent us packs of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix because I couldn’t find it in the grocery stores here. It’s a super simple meal to throw together on a weeknight and of course, super delish! We try to keep it as low cal  as possible sometimes using turkey meat and lettuce wraps as a substitute to ground beef and tortillas.

What traditions did you have in your household growing up?

Photos of our Mexican themed tradition below.


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