Saturday Street Style.

I have a list a mile long today (Oh, wait- that’s just the grocery list ๐Ÿ‘).

Saturday is my day to get stuff done! I can say with confidence that I’m not the only one with this mentality because the shops and streets are buzzing with people who have most likely been cooped up in an office all week. So, in order to navigate through the constant sea of people- One must be comfortable.

Leather leggings and this colorful adidas tee will keep people wondering if you’re headed to the gym or the grocery store. Nevertheless, you’ll be comfortable, casual and super street chic.ย  Truth be told – the mini backpack is my favorite part of this outfit.

My preferred method of transportation in Valencia is the bicycle. Most of the time I rent a bike to get from point A to point B and it’s equipped with a cute little basket on the front that comes in handy when I have bags to bring home. This backpack is perfect because I can wear it on my back while still leaving room for bags in my basket.

Its not only useful if you’re riding around town on a bike. ย It’s the perfect weekend accessory especially when you know your hands will be full with bags, groceries, kids, dogs – anything! It fits more than you expect and has secret compartments inside to help keep you organized.

Now, off to put this outfit to good use.

Happy Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚


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